4 thoughts on ““I’m not racist, but…”

  1. I honestly wish I hadn’t clicked through on this one. That’s one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. Since I don’t have any friends or relatives or anyone in my circle no matter how extended who thinks and talks this way, I believe I am unbelievably shielded from the reality of how lots of people find it acceptable to be. Major bummer.

  2. They’re both incredibly depressing. They’re also both rather difficult to read in a browser, especially the sexism one.

  3. Weirdly, I found a source of optimism in these sites. The pattern is so explicit that it demonstrates beyond a doubt that there is a current of racism in our society that projects itself as not-racism. Many, many, many people who claim they are not racist (which means at least they don’t want to be racist or at least don’t want to be seen as racist) are saying racist things.
    By collecting all these posts together, it shows that racism is not (primarily) about individual psychology. It’s not about personal bigotry and prejudice. It’s about social patterns. I think these websites show a powerful snapshot of this fact.

  4. I had kind of a similar reaction as Logos. I wondered though if part of the reason might have been that the sites are kind of funny in the way that failblog is funny. each post is an exemplification of total cognitive failure (as well as moral failure). for example:


    I feel a little guilty about finding the site funny though. And the thought of any of these posters actually acting on their racist sentiments is definitely disturbing, and makes the funniness diminish….

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