5 thoughts on “Inclusive London (Not.)

  1. Really appalling stuff you’ve linked to. Thanks for calling our attention to it.

  2. “The vast majority of London’s tube stations are not accessible to wheelchair users and other disabled people with mobility difficulties.”

    I doubt if it’s better elsewhere… But who would want to compel wheelchair users to use the tube? Let’s respect their dignity and let them use free taxis.

  3. Isn’t the issue choice? Wheelchair users should be able to use the tube if they want to.

  4. Is it about choice or is it about mobility? I mean if it’s easier (less time and resources) to ensure that people with mobility difficulties can move freely around London (and just as efficiently as tube users can) without restructuring the tube system, then wouldn’t that be preferable?

    Granted, all that may not be possible and maybe the restructuring of the tube is the only way to ensure that all people, regardless of any mobility difficulties, can move with equal ease and efficiency across London. But I’m just wondering what it is that we’re aiming at: choice, equality, or quality of life?

  5. tube is much faster than taxi in London, since the streets are tiny and windy and hugely congested night and day. some disabled people might have busy lives just like the rest of us and need to get around quickly. (tho I wonder was philsoph’s comment a joke about the tube, rather than a serious suggestion about accessibility.) one always sort of suspected that boris is a nazi, but still I’m shocked at how brazenly he’s backtracking on accessibility plans. tho, shouldn’t be shocked by anything, given his stupid bendy bus schtick: he clearly doesn’t give a toss about making London liveable for normal londoners.

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