The Sunday cat celebrates the inventors of peaceful resistance.

She knows that there have been some very great human beings who have brought peaceful resistance to other human beings.  They have worked to make it into a very effective tool for important political and social change.  But the thing is, passive resistance has needed these great people just because it is not natural to human beings. 

Cats are an entirely different matter. 

Do note:  Cats are very good at indicating the distinction between not cooperating and suffering.  I don’t see any reason to think these cats are more than just passively resisting.


I’ve been reading some of the comments on youtube, and I’m concerned that some viewers may be troubled by these clips.  I do honestly think one shouldn’t judge these cats behaviors until you have taken a cat to the vets, and so have a good idea of what a cat is like when it doesn’t want something done to it.  Still, if people are offended, it can come down.

8 thoughts on “The Sunday cat celebrates the inventors of peaceful resistance.

  1. Teresa, yes, it might not have been the best of ideas, but he did actually not seem to mind. I also think it won’t happen again, given the results.

  2. I did have one cat who liked to wear a little harness and go for walks around the yard on a leash. But the other three didn’t want to. I wouldn’t try to force one to do that if they didn’t seem interested.

  3. I wonder if, in these cases, the harness triggers their kitten-going-limp reflex. A mother cat sometimes carries her babies by gently taking the back of the kitten’s neck in her mouth, and apparently kittens instinctively go limp when they feel pressure applied there. Perhaps some adult cats fail to lose this reflex, and the harness put pressure in exactly that spot.

    If that’s the case, these cats aren’t so much resisting as expecting to be carried!

  4. Funny videos although dragging Sylvester so far seemed a bit much. I’ve never had a cat that would voluntarily take a walk.

    The New Yorker has a cartoon on a similar theme at

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