Photo of the day

The first same gender couple to get married in NY!

Such a beautiful picture of love, joy (and justice!) it makes me choke up. And along the way, doing serious damage to stereotypes of older people and the disabled. But of course they *are* going to destroy the institution of marriage, the family, society….

From Texans for Marriage Equality. (Thanks, L!)

6 thoughts on “Photo of the day

  1. You know the saying about how couples come to look like each other over time? There are some great examples in that photo set.

  2. We’re sure the black woman with the lovely lacy blouse is hired help? Is it so unlikely that she could be a friend? I think I can see my black neighbors across the street coming to help out on such a day.

    Is it the white trousers? They don’t look remotely like scrubs.

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