3 thoughts on “Save the economy– abolish maternity leave!

  1. It’s being mocked by Guardian readers, but in yesterday’s ‘Any Questions?’ Melissa Kite, deputy political editor in The Sunday Telegraph, defended the idea of abolishing maternity leave in small businesses. J Dimbo did one of his impromptu audience surveys and there was some support for the idea. Since Cameron and Clegg came into power, there has been a marked change of tide in issues of feminist concern.

  2. At last, some common sense. Baby making is not a job function and never was. It is time to return to the old system. Hire men only, pay the man enough to support his famil and put women back in the kitchen and bedroom where they belong. No more unnecessary disruptions, no more harassment and hostility lawsuits.Just men getting the job done and women bending over and making white babies – the way it should be.

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