Married Lesbians…

Destroying the fabric of society!

Oops, I meant rescuing 40 teenagers in Utoya.

Hege Dalen and her spouse, Toril Hansen were near Utöyan having dinner on the opposite shore across from the ill-fated campsite, when they began to hear gunfire and screaming on the island.

“We were eating. Then shooting and then the awful screaming. We saw how the young people ran in panic into the lake,” says Dale to HS in an interview.

The couple immediately took action and pushed the boat into Lake Tyrifjorden.

Dalen and Hansen drove the boat to the island, picked up from the water victims in shock in, the young and wounded, and transported them to the opposite shore to the mainland. Between runs they saw that the bullets had hit the right side of the boat.

Since there were so many and not all fit at once aboard, they returned to the island four times.

They were able to rescue 40 young people from the clutches of the killer.

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4 thoughts on “Married Lesbians…

  1. Wow, what a courageous reaction. It must have been a truly appaling and traumatic experience, though.

  2. yeah ! right !
    hm/duh and why is it noteworthy that/ “they” have be lesbian/married ? (headscratch)
    is “being a decent/coureagous human being” and doing >the right thing< in such a situation" – just asking "my-oldfashioned-self" – so "out-of-contemp-fashion" ?! (another headscratch/facepalm)
    //yeah, right – stupid lgbtq-bla-me//

    and yeah, actually, these ladies are my big-time (dont know how to say this, this i dont like the word heroine) role-models/inspiration !

    i 1st saw/read it on boing (lateral-thinking anybody) :

    FYI – and also the comments/links there :

    also on feministing and comments there :

    thx for mentioning this on your blog !

    @Ingrid Robeyns – second that !

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