Pacific APA: some gender data

Below is a quote from the secretary of the Pacific Div of the APA. It is a very welcome piece of data collection. I’m sure we’d like more, but genuine kudos to them for taking the lead among the APA divisions.

Program Diversity
The Pacific Division has reviewed the gender of authors of papers submitted for colloquia and symposia at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 meetings. In these years, the submission rate for women was between 21% and 24% (3% of authors’ gender was unknown), which is near the apparent representation of women in the profession. Twenty-three percent of the refereed papers accepted for 2005 to 2010 were by women. These data provide some assurance that the paper review process is not gender biassed. (All colloquium and symposium papers are reviewed anonymously and the gender of submissions was not reviewed until after the program was completed.) 
The APA Pacific Division Program Committee and Executive Committee strongly encourage all eligible members to submit papers for the 2012 Annual Meeting, and we especially encourage submissions from women and other groups historically underrepresented in the profession.

Dominic McIver Lopes
Professor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia
Secretary-Treasurer, APA Pacific Division

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