Pay off your college debts with a sugar daddy

Old story: girl needs cash, girl sells body. New(ish) twist: girl pays huge tuition fees to go to college, recession eats up jobs, girl registers on website and finds older (much older) millionaire, who pays off her college debts in return for regular sex. More from the Hufpo here.

4 thoughts on “Pay off your college debts with a sugar daddy

  1. From ancient times, the process of exploitation and debt has reduced men to slave labor, women to prostitution and everyone to homelessness. We are in that process now. Does anybody trouble to ask what has happened to all those people whose houses have been foreclosed?

    The religious movement founded by Jesus grew up a society of peasants being exploited and moved off their land by debt in the process of industrializing agriculture by the Roman Empire. Jesus equated the forgiveness of debt with the forgiveness of sin, and he was notorious for associating with prostitutes.

    It’s too bad that religion died out long ago.

  2. It’s really sad that these women have to prostitute themselves, but from the article, I get the impression that they feel guilty about it and that’s even sadder.

    Selling your body is no worse than selling your soul, even though our society glorifies those who sell their soul and scorns those who sell their body.

    As a matter of fact, I could argue that selling your body is more honest and less harmful to one’s self than selling one’s soul.

    Generally, those who sell their soul, to Wall Street, to the Pentagon and to those forces in the academic world which rationalize and justify the ways of Wall Street and the Pentagon, claim to have a clean conscience. They have no right to one.

    As to what Pragmatic Realist says above about religion, here’s some Bible wisdom:
    “For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?”
    Matthew 16:26

  3. One thing is for certain: $350 for what she provided (which sounds like a “GFE” or “girlfriend experience”, for a lengthy period of time) is well below what she should have charged, given the going rates.

    This, in addition to safety, is yet another reason sex work should be legalized (at minimum) and de-stigmatized (at best). A fair wage for one’s work is what a capitalist society is supposed to support.

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