Run, Hillary? Run?

Wow, already there’s buzz that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should run in the Democratic primary, to replace President Barack Obama.  Isn’t it a bit soon?  (The first state primaries don’t start until January 2012!)  I know, she ruled it out in 2010.  But the times, they keep on a’changin’.

The article in Salon is, at least, a barn-burner:

Madam Secretary, if you are reading this — the president is a good man who happened to be very unlucky in office. He inherited problems of almost unprecedented severity. But this is no time for sentiment to cloud your judgment. You need to do what’s right.

If not now, when? If not you, who? The nation cries out for leadership. Run, Hillary, Run!

10 thoughts on “Run, Hillary? Run?

  1. Recent events have made me wonder if things would be better with Clinton in the Oval Offixe, but a primary challenge is the best way to keep a President from being reelected. See Carter vs. Kennedy or Bush vs. Buchanan.

  2. Yeah, I can’t say I’m thrilled with Obama (some good movement on social issues, terrible with the economy) but I’m too terrified at the prospect of a republican in the white house to welcome a primary challenger. Obama may not be great, but he is at least sane.

  3. I couldn’t make the first link work.

    I would have loved to have had Clinton as president, but I certainly don’t want her to be a spoiler now.

  4. Anne, did you mean you couldn’t follow the link to Salon, in my post? (It’s working fine when I click on it, so I am not sure what’s going on.)

  5. Ah, well, since it works every time I click in-post, from where I’m sitting, I can’t fix it, because it ain’t broken. :-)

    If anyone reads this who also has trouble with the first link, though, do let us know.

  6. Obama has given this country long-term goals to work towards but this country is too naive, young, and arrogant to understand his humanitarian goal for the US. Hilary and Obama seem to share the same perspective on making long-term solutions for future generations and I would like to see her run again if Obama cannot win again.

  7. 2008 is a year that our generation failed America!

    Our great grandchildren will be asking themselves why the American voters of 2008 allowed themselves to be duped by a young, Harvard-educated, sweet-talking novice? Future Americans will be scratching their head as to why in 2008, an undeniably competent, experienced, tough Lady did not become President of what was once the greatest country on earth?

    Shame, they will say! Indeed, 2008 will be remembered in history as a year of missed opportunity for the United States of America!

    Many say, Hillary Clinton is the greatest President America never had! That is debatable, but we will never know. What we know is, Barack Obama failed us! His speeches in 2008 moved us. He painted a picture of America under his administration as a nation where everyone is proud, happy and hopeful being an American. He said he is our only hope, and we invested all our hope in him!

    During the 2008 primaries, Barack Obama and his backers threw everything at the Clinton campaign, including the sewers. And we bought it. Obama said, he represents change, and Hillary Clinton symbolizes institution. He said, yes we can! He said he is, Ready to go! He said he is Mr Hope, exactly what America needs in an era of uncertainty! But after 4 years, the man we all love to hate, GW Bush, smells of hyacinth compared with the stink Obama leaves on his trail.

    Whether you supported Obama or Clinton in 2008, you are to blame for the current state of America. If you still believe in Obama, wake up!

    If you supported Hillary in 2008, you are as much to blame for the dismal state of America toda. Why didn’t you voice your support louder? Why didn’t you donate double what you did for her campaign? Why did you allow the Obama campaign to treat our gal the way he did? Why? Why? Why?

    I’ll tell you why America, it’s because we, men and women alike, are culturally prejudiced against strong women! As a nation, we are imagine our ideal President based on historical images of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy! We don’t instantly think of a President in skirt, or pantsuit! Many of us supported Hillary for her record and experience and what she stood for! Many 2008 Hillary supporter saw her as the best option- if only she is a MAN!

    In the early 1990s, Hillary Clinton was painted in media as ambitious and out-of-her-depth- she simply defied tradition. In 2000, Hillary Clinton was described in media as ambitious and limelight-grabber- she simply defied tradition. In 2008, media called her a liar, a bitch, a witch, a calculating monster, she simply defied tradition! But girl, who is laughing now? Noone!

    I will never forget a poignant scene during the 2008 primaries when then, Mrs Michelle Obama told a group of women, ‘How can you run the White House if you can’t run your own house?’ Alluding to the fact that Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary! I was thinking, how is that Hillary’s fault? Chelsea turned out to be an ideal daughter and Hillary managed to rein Bill in. In my mind, she ran her house brilliantly. But we still blame her for her husband’s promiscuity. This was the most sexist, anti-women remark from a woman! Yet many Americans bought it!

    Hillary made mistakes during the campaign too. She lost control of her team. They failed her and she let them.

    Media failed America too! Media’s subconsciuos in 2008 told it: anyone but Hillary! Media was against Hillary from the start. And historically, media is drawn towards fairytail-like characters like Obama was in 2008.

    But ultimately, all Americans are to blame for allowing themselves to be mesmerized by empty words. You supported Obama in 2008? Shame on you!

    Here’s hoping Hillary Clinton saves America and the world from Obama by running a Unity campaign for 2012.

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