The Norway shootings and feminism

For the gunman (we try to limit the use of his name over here), as for the youth at Utøya interviewed before the massacre, there was no doubt that Gro [Harlem Brundtland] was this year’s main attraction, and she had spoken at Utøya just hours before the massacre.

She represents everything Breivik hates about contemporary Norway, and was the reason why Breivik selected this particular day for his attack. In comments on a right-wing blog he calls her not “The Mother of the Land” (as she is frequently called), but “The Murderer of the Land.” It turns out that a traffic accident and the usual roadworks carried out during the Norwegian main summer holidays delayed him so much that he only arrived at Utøya after she had left. That probably saved her life.

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3 thoughts on “The Norway shootings and feminism

  1. oy . thank you for the link and posting this.

    already in the 1st comment there – this :
    >The fact that Norway ranks so high on feminist-positive lists means that, in a sense, feminists have managed to impose their worldview on all of Scandinavia’s institutions. Has she ever wondered if feminism itself is wrong? <

    wteff : "feminists have managed to impose their worldview"

    //yo, feminists, run for your lives//
    and i have been wondering, why, accomplished women in german mainstream-media, no longer want to be addressed as feminist //

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