UK MPs to vote on restoration of the death penalty?

The new e-petitions initiative allows the people to help set the government’s agenda – if more than 100, 000 signatures are collected, the government has to consider debating the issue in parliament. (I think that means they have to vote on whether to debate it.) The Telegraph describes the scheme as ‘having been hijacked by rightwing campaigners’ – by which they mean that folks with a ‘rightwing’ agenda have been the first to get their act together and collect some signatures. The issue they want to see debated is the restoration of the death penalty. Luckily, Cameron stated in an interview that, “There have been too many cases of things going wrong, of the wrong people being executed, of evidence coming to light after the execution, and sometimes there is just too much of an element of doubt. And I just don’t honestly think that in a civilised society like ours that you can have the death penalty any more.” But other MPs have expressed their support for killing wrongdoers. You can read more in the Daily Telegraph, and there’s also a good article in the South African IOL News. (No doubt the Daily Mail has much to say on the issue, but for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I’m not linking to them.)