Completely irrelevant silliness

As we wade back into discussion of the Pluralist Guide, I’m sure the question on the forefront of everyone’s mind is “what does the noble honey badger think of all this?” Well, let me assure you: honey badger don’t care.




Possibly NSFW, depending on your workplace’s tolerance for profanity and/or honey badgers who just don’t give a shit.

Stay sane, everybody!

10 thoughts on “Completely irrelevant silliness

  1. brilliant! do you know who the narrator is? The voice is very familiar, but I can’t place it. Is it Andy Dick?

  2. After watching the video the temptation to go around referring to one’s self as “honey badger” in the 3rd person is very great. People might say to you, “hey, your grades were due a week ago” and you could reply, “Does honey badger care? No. honey badger don’t give a shit.” In the end, though, I think it’s probably not a good idea, despite the obvious temptations.

  3. Matt, agreed!

    It’s similarly tempting to evaluate all decisions based on the heuristic “what would the honey badger do?” (Answer: honey badger don’t care, it just takes what it wants.) But that’s probably not the best idea either. Sadly, it’s hard for mere humans to be as badass as the honey badger.

  4. Lollll… now I know why some of our students don’t give a shit… our university’s mascot is a badger and our athletes are badgers… now that I think of it… all students have an email account with “badger” as an extension…

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