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If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman August 10, 2011

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Image of male superheroes posing like wonder woman

From Jezebel. (Thanks, G!)


13 Responses to “If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman”

  1. Balk Says:

    Love this!

  2. Monkey Says:


  3. Marie Says:

    It’s interesting that only Batman has body hair considering they all came from a time when body hair on men was a primary sign of masculinity.

  4. J.R. Says:

    I noticed the hair too, but I think it can be explained:

    Batman doesn’t have any special powers, only money and the fancy gadgets and training it affords him. He is trying to make up for this by rebuking manscaping. “Yeah, I might not have super strength, but look at how hairy and manly I am!”

    The green lantern’s masculinity clearly isn’t fragile, I mean he gets his power from a ring, he rejects masculine norms. He doesn’t need a hairy chest.

    And superman isn’t even a human, we don’t know the norms of the male-like sex on Krypton, they might not even grow body hair.

  5. I’d be interested in seeing which poses female comic strip writers would put sexy male superheroes into.

  6. Alan Says:

    Great montage.

    J.R. Beat me to it. I was going to say that Batman’s pretty obvious over-testosteroned Bruce Wayne alter ego is going to make for some bad hirsute-r-hero. An inadvertent exposure to red kryptonite by a young Lex Luthor led to an adolescent Clark Kent’s failure to launch most of his follicles except on his head, but left Kal-El with a steely curl of his dark-blue steeled coif. And Alan Scott/Hal Jordan (Golden/Silver Age) had all his hair burned off to the root the first time he thrust his hand in that damn lantern–but his head-hair had a yellowish hue which, of course, the power of the green lantern could not affect.

    But such differences can be a lot more subtle. Witness the comic “Blondie”. Not only is Blondie a 2-D version of Barbie compared to Dagwood’s resemblance to an in-process-makeup of Ronald McDonald, but check out when Dag and Blondie are in the sack. In one panel Blondie (almost) invariably has one strap fall suggestively down her upper arm. There has never been any suggestion that Dag gets that message. But of course I do.

  7. Matt Says:

    They still look much better than this famous one:


    (they are all bad, but it’s the first on, #40, I have in mind. I can’t find it on its own.)

    It’s probably also good for wonder woman that she’s not been done up like this:


  8. Anne Powles Says:

    Their natural balance has not been disturbed by the unnatural mammary development often found on their female equivalents!!

  9. aerenchyma Says:

    This is totally awesome. I love the implication that Superman and the Green Lantern — but *not* Batman — shave their chests/shoulders/legs.

  10. profbigk Says:

    That’s why they call him the Dark Knight!

    Yeah, Neil/Werewolf reminds me why women artists in comics are a treat. Nicola Scott’s Superman and Green Lantern tend to be so much easier on the eyes. :-)

  11. Ross Cameron Says:

    Alan Scott’s ring was immune to yellow – it was vulnerable to wood.

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  13. Anonymous Says:

    This needs to be removed asap. Children are looking at this including my 9 year old boy. I do not commend this at all

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