8 thoughts on “The Future of Technology

  1. Well it was produced by a woman and edited by one too. We we’re actually turned down by many women to be in it.

  2. ack! i’m speaking at the conference but hadn’t realized this. i’ve emailed them asking them to do something about it (the conference is next week but there’s apparently an open slot on the program).

  3. update: the organizer tells me he invited four women to speak, all declined, then he dropped the ball. i suggested a terrific computer scientist in melbourne, who has agreed to co-present something, so the future of technology is now only 96% male. the organizer says he’s trying to get another woman to speak, although it may or may not work out.

  4. Thanks so much for your awesome job following up on this! Thanks also for not just giving up at this late date. Your response to this is the sort of response that, if widespread, can really change the field.

  5. In fact during the course of organising this event I thought I had a woman speaking twice, two others said they could not make it. It was later on down the track that they informed me that they would not be able to speak. It has been difficult to find women to speak at the conference, and it was never meant to be an all male conference. All sorted now. Ann E. Nicholson is presenting along with co-author Kevin B. Korb on Bayesian AI.

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