Why not?

Suppose there’s a  candidate from the party you most dislike who is running to get the nomination for president. He or she is from your state, and you think they would be a disaster for the country.  Suppose further that there’s a very subterranean rumor about this candidate that they have some feature F, which you think is at least OK, but which members of the other party certainly wouldn’t.  The rumor might be

They smoke pot sometimes.’

They are gay.

Both daughters have had an abortion.

They do not believe in God.

They have a hidden “love child”.

Closely related cousins are in Mexico or Africa.

And so on.

Now, we’re to suppose the rumor is merely a rumor, though ones that people in the legislature and so on do not deny. It’s got legs.

Here’s the question:  would you say to a conservative friend or relative in another state who is getting enthusiastic about the candidate that, you know, it is rumored that X is …. .  And fill in the blank with one of the descriptors given.

Why?  Or why not?

Just for the record:  None of this has anything to do with Rick Perry’s very recent announcement, nor was it inspired by my conservative brother’s expressed enthusiasm for him on Sunday.