APA Rockefeller Prize for best paper by Philosophy PhD

Many of us received emails announcing this prize for “non-academics,” but NOTE:  “to qualify, one may in fact be teaching at a university in a part-time or a full-time temporary position as long as one also meets …requirements” including not having a permanent full-time position in a philosophy department.  So this is an award for authors without academic affiliations and/or without a permanent academic affiliation in philosophy.  I’ve met readers of this blog with part-time positions in Women/Gender Studies.  You may qualify!  So may sessional/contingent employees of philosophy departments! (Thanks to Jean for emphasizing this.)

The winner’s work will be published in The Journal of Value Inquiry, by mutual agreement of the author and the editors of the journal.

Award Amount: $1,000

Submissions procedures

The APA invites members who have no permanent academic affiliation to participate in this competition for the best unpublished paper-length work in philosophy. To qualify, one may in fact be teaching at a university in a part-time or a full-time temporary position as long as one also meets the following requirements: Authors must not hold a full-time position at an institution of higher education in philosophy that continues beyond the end of the current academic year, nor may they have held such a position within the last three years. The author must hold a Ph.D. in philosophy or its equivalent at the time of submission, and must be a current member of the APA in good standing. Professors emeriti are not eligible. Previous winners of this prize are not eligible.

Submissions must be unpublished at the time of submission* and must be prepared neatly and legibly, and with all references which would identify the author removed. Submissions must be no more than 40 double-spaced pages in length. Please submit (electronically) the work to be considered, together with your current CV to: Linda Nuoffer (lnuoffer@udel.edu). The deadline for the 2012 award is November 1, 2011.

Reviewing will be [doubly anonymous]. The prize amount is $1,000. Co-authors of a winning submission, or authors of winning submissions judged to be equal in merit, will share equally in the prize. The prize will be announced in the Proceedings and Addresses, and it is expected (but not required) the winning submission will be published in The Journal of Value Inquiry.

See here for more information.

3 thoughts on “APA Rockefeller Prize for best paper by Philosophy PhD

  1. Reading the rules, it looks like this is a prize for contingent philosophy profs, not for “non-philosophy profs” as your headline puts it. Contingent folks are profs (and people!) too.

  2. Ach, no matter how I struggled to word that, it came out wrong! Thanks for the note, Jean. I was aiming to try to capture the attention of other-department-housed folks, precisely because the call that went to people’s emails said it was for “non-academics,” and I was trying to correct THAT impression. Then I inadvertently created another instead. Sigh.

    Let me think about how to rejigger the title… [Updated, title rejigged, and hat-tip to Jean added.]

  3. It’s weird they said it was for non-academics, considering all the other requirements (esp. philosophy PhD plus APA membership). Most of the people who meet all these criteria and have papers to submit are going to be contingent philosophy professors, I think, though (I see your point), they wouldn’t have to be in philosophy or any kind of professor at all.

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