Toilets: Shopping VS Football

Toilet/restroom signs at a Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin:

Massive props to Mr Jender for not only using the “wrong” one, but mentally practising the German phrase “but I just really love shopping!” for when he got caught. Which he did.

[updated to avoid pbk’s confusion]

10 thoughts on “Toilets: Shopping VS Football

  1. for that matter, why do I always go into ‘figure in dress’ when I’m almost always wearing trousers?

  2. Nothing like perpetuating insulting and annoying gender stereotypes! I have often stood uncertainly before such overly clever signs debating which door to open. Usually I chicken out and wait for someone to come out and give me a clue! Way to go Mr Gender! Hope the ladies in the “shopping” room didn’t beat you to badly :)

  3. A man walking into the women’s lavatory, even innocently, can easily cause undue alarm. Any women already within have a reasonable expectation that a man won’t do such a thing intentionally, which ought to be respected. Write a letter instead.

  4. Nemo– it was a one person loo. If it was a multiple stall one, I’d totally agree with you.

  5. If it was just for one, then I’d be tempted to go in regardless just to maximise chances of getting a clean loo.

  6. I was in a diner recently where they were Cat and Kitten. I remarked on how there is no sense in which a woman is a baby man to my male friend in the (very nice) owner’s earshot; he then brought our coffee in a solid-colored mug for me and a mug with kittens for my friend.

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