Good news, thanks to FP commenters

I heard good news about the isolated feminist who could not face revisions of a paper on which she’d receive condescending and insulting comments.  She took commenters’ advice, pulled support from friends, revised in light of some of the feedback and addressed that which she couldn’t accommodate in a memo to the editor, and… was asked to revise one more time — but just a bit!  She has now had the article accepted for publication.

Her feminist arguments remained in the finished version, too.  See what you did?  Thanks, all!

Reader query: teaching a class with a huge gender imbalance

A colleague and I were talking today about what to do when you have a class that is wildly gender-imbalanced (in this case, 13 men and 2 women). Do the FPers have any strategies or suggestions for making sure that this imbalance does not skew the dynamics of the classrooom and/or for making sure that the women feel comfortable participating? We’d be interested both in first-day strategies and ongoing strategies to employ. Thanks in advance.