Placenta Bear

Having a baby? Wondering what to do with the placenta? Well, wonder no more! Designer Alex Green has designed a kit to help you turn your placenta into a ‘cute’ teddy you can give to your offspring. Weirdly, this is touted as an innovation in sustainable toys.

(Yes, this has been doing the rounds for a while, but I never claimed to be up to date with all the internet madness.)

Via Inhabitots.

12 thoughts on “Placenta Bear

  1. Did they have to have stitching where the eyes and mouth should be, in classic horror movie style, just to make sure this is the scariest toy ever?

  2. You know, I guess this is supposed to be some sort of uterus-power thingy, but I think a kid’s stuffed animal made out of *any* body part would be disgusting. Especially a human body part, but not only. I mean, a (cow) leather teddy bear would be creepy too, no? (Especially one with no eyes or mouth.) (Though I can see a niche market for it within the BDSM/furry cross-over community.)

  3. I know that we at FP are strongly against victim-blaming. But this case is an obvious exception.

    If you buy this bear and it proceeds to comes to life one night and kill everyone in your neighborhood (including you) while chuckling to itself in it’s creepy high-pitched teddy bear voice, it’s your own damn fault.

  4. I think that’s probably even worse than the supposed fad (I’m not sure if it was a real thing or not) of eating the placenta, because that was “natural”, that went around a few years ago. (“Natural for animals afraid of being eaten by wolves in the near future”, I thought.)

  5. Sort of awesome, I say! Some indigenous tribes dry out a baby’s umbilical cord and put it into a woven rattle as a toy. My parents did one for my brother (we’re part Caddo, and though it’s not traditional for us it’s traditional for neighboring nations, so…) and I was always jealous that they didn’t do it for me.

  6. This would be a perfect gift for those politicians who keep trying to get up in American women’s ladyparts! Better than a knitted thingie or a collection of feminine hygiene products, this is the real deal!

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