Women in Philosophy in the UK: A Report

The British Philosophical Association Committee on Women in Philosophy and the Society for Women in Philosophy UK have just jointly published a report that Helen Beebee and I wrote. It provides (for the first time) data on the gender breakdown in philosophy in the UK (which readers of this blog may be interested to know look slightly different from the US numbers: although overall numbers are similar, the UK starts at near parity for undergraduates then drops off at MA level). It argues for the importance of taking action to counteract this as the sciences have done, explores some possible causes, and offers a long list of recommendations. There are also some lovely case studies of departments that have been doing something about this.

I presented it yesterday to a meeting of all UK department heads. The BPA has asked that the report be shared with all students and staff, that it be discussed at department meetings, and that appropriate categories of recommendations (we’ve given section headings like “teaching recommendations”) be discussed by the relevant committees.

Do have a look, and share with anyone you’d like!

5 thoughts on “Women in Philosophy in the UK: A Report

  1. I’m so impressed. There’s so much to admired about it. I particularly love the richness of resources used. Must read again.

  2. Thanks so much. This is very impressive and helpful. One question: Some of the references listed as available on the BPA website did not seem to be there. Are they available somewhere else or do you counsel patience?

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