It gets better, but when it doesn’t…

Friends, bloggers, froggers,

I’ve gotten two separate emails today from colleagues who mention nearly identical experiences of new students:  Each has been told by peers in her graduate program — surprise? — that she only got in to her program because she is a token.

People of good will in the profession will continue to work hard to make philosophy a welcoming place, but there will be people who don’t change, and new members coming in who haven’t been schooled in better practices.  I continue to believe It Gets Better, but when it doesn’t, when the same old, same old happens to you or your students, please do what you can to find support.  If you are a student or if you have a student who has been treated like less than a deserving equal:

(1) You’re not alone.

(2) You’re not an imposter.

(3) Philosophers can and do treat each other better!  We’re working on it.

(4)  You don’t have to figure it all out from square one. Let others help.

(5) If you need us, we’re here for you.  Write us.