Wall Street Protest?

There are claims that there was a media blackout on the Wall Street Protest on 9/17.     The NY Times did report it, in their section on regional events (aka, buried it).



Apparently there were similar protests organized for a number of cities in the US.   The NY Times says there were hundreds of protestors, which seems a very disappointing number.  If that’s right, it looks as though something went pretty wrong.

Did everyone else know about it?

4 thoughts on “Wall Street Protest?

  1. Yeah. There’s a blackout. I’ve followed this movement somewhat closely and am amazed at how one has to dig to get any substantial info on it outside of what the Occupiers, themselves, have generated.

    That my local news (and even yahoo.com) deemed it fit to do a story on a 1k “Undies Run” in my city yet somehow failed to mention thousands of protesters on Wall Street speaks volumes to me.

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