2 thoughts on “Gendered Book Series

  1. Although what the comments so far seem to be proposing is that “someone” launch a campaign like the Gendered Conference Campaign. I have to say I have thought for a long time that would be an excellent idea, but I am chagrinned to notice that I have never been the someone in question. But what about it? What might be involved?

  2. I’m on the more technological side of life, and know of the efforts to promote women in science and tech, with recognition in modern and historical context. For example http://findingada.com/

    It’s interesting to see how the philosophical front is.

    Also… holy frak, that’s more painful to read than most youtube comments. If someone spoke like this to me, I’d be resisting the urge to provide a swift slap to the face. Your slight blurb about it was more informing than at least half of this, and way less grandiose. The message is lost in the medium.

    tl;dr -> Brevity, people!

    (I guess this is what I get for being a techy.)

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