The Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Somehow I’ve ended up the recipient of a lot of quite boring health newsletters. A recent one, however, broke the pattern, and contained a link to a very helpful article on female masturbation. Clearly, women don’t do it enough, they seem to suggest. Particularly for older women it has a role in counteracting ageing’s effects on the size and moisture of the vagina.

They also, perhaps inadvertantly, give some insight into the recent more public interest in sex on the part of older women, while possibly offering reassurance to others facing menopause:

The good news is that researchers say there are no differences between premenopausal and postmenopausal women when it comes to being physically able to get sexually aroused. When researchers have looked at vaginal congestion — increased blood circulation to the walls of the vagina, which is a marker of sexual arousal — in response to erotic stimulation, they have found that older women are just as able to become aroused when they are sexually stimulated as are younger women are.

Of course, notoriously now, the vagina is not necessary where it is at. One hopes they have reliable correlations.

3 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

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