Coffee lowers the risk of depression in women

And, according to a Finnish study, men too.

From the NY Times:

The new study, published in the latest issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine,  … analyz[ed] data on nearly 51,000 women taking part in the famous Nurses’ Health Study. Between 1996 and 2006, the women provided detailed information every two years on their caffeine intake, depression risk factors and overall health, including their weight, their use of hormones and their levels of exercise and smoking. Women who reported a diagnosis of depression or showed signs of it at the start of the study were excluded from the analysis.

During the decade that the women were followed, 2,607 cases of clinical depression were diagnosed. Over all, women who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of depression — about 20 percent — than the women who abstained, and the risk was dose-dependent. In other words, the likelihood of depression fell with each additional cup of coffee, in this case up to as many as six cups a day.

5 thoughts on “Coffee lowers the risk of depression in women

  1. And cigars have the added benefit that if you have enough, you’ll have fewer years to be depressed. ;)

  2. Hey, works is works!

    I debated with my class just the other day as to whether or not an addiction to coffee is an intemperate vice. I WILL get severe withdrawal headaches without it. That’s not a desirable constitution. On the other hand, it’s an easily served addiction in my situation (salaried, in a town well-supplied with grocery stores). And if I don’t have coffee, I am beyond blue. So, it makes me thrive, right? Right.

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