Wonderful article on implicit bias

by Mahzarin Banaji here. Fascinating stuff, with quite a few bits that were new to me: for example, the developmental earliness at which race biases set in, and its absolute steadiness over time. And the way that this differs from gender biases. Do go read it, and join in!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful article on implicit bias

  1. I have students read an earlier piece on implicit bias and have them take the online IAT test for the “critical reasoning” section of my baby logic course. The evidence for implicit bias and its real world consequences is rock-solid–not just from the IAT test but sting operations where matched resumes with “black-sounding” and “white-sounding” names are sent to employers, etc. In spite of this most people are still gripped the false dichotomy that either women and minorities are not at all disadvantaged or our disadvantage is a consequence of the conscious, intentional actions of wicked white males out to victimize and oppress.

  2. It is so interesting how the reception of such work is apparently changing. Lawrence Hirschfeld in 1995 and later was publishing on how even very young children seemed to operate with (as I remember it) race as a biological kind. I think he may even have tried to separate race and color, and seemed to think color was the key, though I may be misremembering here. He did think a strong case could be made for saying it was innate, or at least was picked up early because of innate learning mechanisms.

    Nonetheless, his work got some extremely negative responses. The idea that race recognition is innate can easily seem to make racism innate. I remember when he was speaking at Rice and people who asked me to join the discussion felt they needed to reassure me that he is not a racist. As I remember, in 2002 he was still somewhat defensive

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