Feeling too optimistic?

Funny, just the other day, Nemo and I were trading comments about whether or not Americans’ despair would account for low turnout at protests.  Then news about this blog started making the rounds, and the following heart-breaker jumped out at me:

I’m finding it harder and harder to care whether America lasts or not.

This may not be so heart-breaking to everyone, but as a fellow American, I’m terribly sorry to see this, and occasionally, to feel this.

At least, though, it’s a form of protest, right, she asked, grasping for reasons to hope?  I mean, the title of the blog refers directly to the arguments about raising taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Americans.  And the blog protests.  As Lynne McFall says, even bitterness is an assertion that one deserves better, and still has reason to expect better from fellows.

3 thoughts on “Feeling too optimistic?

  1. Maybe it’s a sign that people see alternatives to living in their own country, in the case of Americans probably emigration to Canada?
    As a European who can move between 27 countries without any immigration restrictions, I also notice that some people identify less with a particular country, and one reason might be that we are no longer tied to our country of birth as the generations before us were.

    Says a German who lives in the UK and is planning to move to another country again in a few months.

  2. Seyla Benhabib calls for utopian thinking as a “practical-moral imperative” as a “regulative principle of hope” (1995, p. 30). Are we there yet? Is an American reinvention possible?

    Says an “American” who actually considers herself a “New Yorker,” i.e., not a very good, representative “American.”

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