Syllabi for feminist philosophy of science/epistemology?

A reader writes:

I was wondering if you might perhaps be willing to help me out with a problem. I am on the job market (ugh), and I’m putting together syllabi for various classes I can teach, one of which is feminist philosophy of science. I was looking around the web to see if I could find any such syllabi to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything important on mine, and just to compare other approaches and the range of topics.

However, I found very very few syllabi, and none, really, from after 2005 or so. Would there be any chance that you could put out a call for such syllabi (and maybe even feminist epistemology more generally)? It might be helpful for other people, and I would be willing to collect the syllabi and set up on my website a depository.

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  1. I know of two anthologies, both excellent, for this sort of class:
    – Alison Jaggar, Just Methods (Paradigm 2008), 9781594512049
    – Janet Kourany, The Gender of Science (Prentice Hall 2002), 9780133479720

    Full disclosure: Kourany’s on my dissertation committee.

    Good luck with the market!

  2. Not a syllabus, but a good text to include: Longino’s Science as Social Knowledge (1990, Princeton UP).

  3. The website for FEMMSS members is here, and their homepages may include links to their syllabi — though I notice Ann Garry’s are only available via WebCT to her students, and she says non-affiliated persons need to email her for access:

    I thought our old APA Committee on Status of Women website had syllabi, but the new apaonline site does not seem to have carried any of our content over, alas!

  4. Sarah Hoagland teaches Feminist Philosophy of Science at Northeastern Illinois University. I have discussed it with her extensively and I’m sure she has wonderful resources. I can’t find any of her syllabi online, but her email is
    Email: S-Hoagland AT

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