3 thoughts on “Last 2 Days to respond regarding REF and maternity leave

  1. Agreed that this is very important, and I will think of a response. I might simply add that, while the gendered impact is not the same, ought not paternity leave be under consideration too?

  2. SWIP UK totally agrees with you as a matter of principle. But we were advised in this instance that the most effective strategy in this instance was to focus just on maternity. One reason is that paternity leaves are *much* more varied, with most of them being about 2 weeks. It seems pretty inevitable that they’re going to have to be judged on an individual basis for that reason. Maternity leave is more standardised. Another reason is that, sadly, restoring the previous treatment of maternity leave seems a much more achievable goal than fighting for paternity to be treated equally.

    Was it right to take this advice? I don’t know– I still struggle with it.

  3. Thanks Jenny, I presumed that there were good strategic and technical reasons for focusing on maternity. I was just speaking from the personal sense that paternity can have a REF impact too.

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