Men Speak On Epistemic Expressivism – Update!

Some men will be speaking about epistemic expressivism at this conference.

There are 9 speakers from 5 different countries. All are were male.

(Thanks for the tip, M and E!)


I received the following very thoughtful and kind response to my email about this post from conference organizers Matthew Chrisman and Mike Ridge:

Thanks for alerting us to your campaign, the aims of which we approve of. We were, of course, aware of the unfortunate gender (and race) imbalance among the speakers at our small workshop. One of our principal aims in putting on the workshop is to attract more people to work on the topic of epistemic expressivism, especially people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Nevertheless, we regret that the diversity in the current offering is seriously lacking. We appreciate your highlighting this and encouraging the whole community to pay more attention to gender equality issues.

They further informed me just today that they’ve been able add a female speaker, Lisa Warenski.

Thanks, Matthew and Mike!