Is the glass ceiling a myth?

Turns out the problem is worse than we thought.

In the post “New Research Busts Myths About the Gender Gap” researchers Christine Silva and Nancy Carter write: “Our study’s overall finding is clear: The problem isn’t only a late-career phenomenon by which women are denied the big promotion after having advanced steadily alongside men. Rather, the entire pipeline is in peril. More particularly, our research has managed to explode four prevailing myths about the progress of women in workplaces.”

Myth #1: It’s mainly a pipeline problem.
Myth #2: Women’s relative progress just got a boost from an economic downturn that hit men harder.
Myth #3: To the extent there’s still a gap, it’s because of women’s choices.
Myth #4: With more mentoring, women will be better prepared to take on the top jobs.

Read more about these myths here at the Harvard Business Review Blog.

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