Needed: Information on Women Philosophers Who Have Died Since 2000

Kate Lindemann writes:

A few weeks ago Noelle McAfee who hosts the Contemporary Women Philosophers wiki contacted me to point out a growing lacuna in the online presence of women philosophers. Her site provides information about living women philosophers ; mine provides information about women who lived and died before 2001.

But in these last years there are a number of women philosophers born in the 20th century who died since 2001. They are falling through the cracks since up til now there has been no place for them on either site.

One of the reasons I set a limit of 2000 is that I knew I could never do the necessary research to include ALL the women philosophers after that. I am one person, have no institutional support, clerical assistance or funding. But like Noelle I am concerned about women philosophers who are ‘ falling through the cracks’ of on line research tools.

Soooooo – I have decided to add a button: 2001 – to the website. I will add women who die or have died since 2000 IF I RECEIVE information in usable form.

Right now the site provides both a Chronology [not a biography] and a Bibliography for each woman. If submitted I would add these to the site. If that seems like too much work, I would add an Obituary or an eulogy or another statement submitted by a SWIP member or college/university department. (I would add one of these, not all). For these I ask that folks consult one another so that only one item is
submitted in a form suitable for posting If you want to include a photo, I can upload thumbnail gif or .jpg. The size must be as small as other photos on the site since I do not do photo editing.

I want to include these women. They deserve to be listed among the women philosophers ……. but I have limited energy and no institutional support for this work.

Thank you. I trust that this will work out….though I fear I may be inundated with posts of ‘why don’t you have xxxxx’ on your site. I can not do the research…nor will I check accuracy of materials submitted.
(My own research concerns a whole group of Renaissance Italian women and a new list of ancients I have found.)

Please, if there is a woman philosopher who deserves recognition, I hope you will take it upon yourself to submit the information. I DO credit those who submit so include your name….. and your affiliation if you want that added.

Kate’s site is here.

9 thoughts on “Needed: Information on Women Philosophers Who Have Died Since 2000

  1. Every year in the APA proceedings a list of members who died the year before is published (as are, if people submit them, obituaries.) It won’t be an all-inclusive list, of course, but would be a good place to start gathering information for those interested in this sort of thing, I’d think.

  2. the link is garbled, it seems, w/ the address for this post mixed in w/ what should be the address for the desired page stuck at the very end. That seems to be , though I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Are we to consult one another in these comments about who might submit what? If so, I would be willing to send a list of works by Iris Marion Young, who passed away in 2006.

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