Ontario teachers’ discipline chief resigns

Usually I think that one’s day job and one’s personal activities ought to be kept separate. Lawyer by day, dominatrix by night? No one’s business but your own I say. You want to teach English history and write smut on the side, that’s your decision.Calls for Professors, Deans, and Provosts to resign for sexual behavior outside the classroom are uncalled for, I think. But a recent case in Canada has me thinking that sometimes it does matter what one says, does, or writes outside the workplace. Here’s the case: According to the CBC, the head disciplinarian for Ontario teachers has resigned after it was revealed he authored a sexually infused novel for teenagers. Jacques Tremblay is stepping down from his position as chair of the Ontario College of Teachers’ discipline committee after it was revealed that Tremblay co-authored a teen novel, The Sexteens and the Fake Goddes. The novel published in 2008 tells the story of two Grade 9 students who rely on “cleverness and sex appeal” to confront authority figures.

The content of the novel and the author’s day job seem to me to be in conflict. I think it’s right that he resigned. Thoughts?

You can read more from the CBC here.

One thought on “Ontario teachers’ discipline chief resigns

  1. It gets worse. The head of the College of Teachers Jacques Tremblay decided he didn’t want teachers speaking up against the College of Teachers. While this pornographer, Jacques Tremblay, was in charge of the College of Teachers, he fined, suspended and degraded a retired teacher who was one of the most respected teachers in Canada. The Premier’s Educational Staff asked Mr. Black a former Judge to report to the Premier the corruption in the College of Teachers. .Don’t have to believe me…read it…. The person Tremblay silenced was responsible for arranging Canadian representation in New York City thanking the world for their support after the destruction of the Twin Towers. While Jacques Tremblay was chair of Educational Discipline he did everything in his power to silence any questions of his power to allow sex offenders and abusers to teach in Ontario. Apparently having sex with a student or beating them up was minor compared to calling Tremblay’s authority into question.


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