Rick Perry doesn’t believe in global warming.

Maybe this explains some of what he’s missing:

A professor of oceanography at Rice University has accused a Texas environmental agency of censoring an article he wrote by deleting references to global climate change and the impact of human beings on the environment, the Houston Chronicle reports. The professor, John B. Anderson, said he refused to go along with the edited version of his article about sea-level rise in Galveston Bay that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality wanted to publish. A spokesman for the agency said it had removed information that the agency did not agree with.

From the CHE.

GCC: the next steps?

Well, not really. But it would be fun to get a flash mob dancing at some all-men conference. And we do have our own song.. And our own t-shirts, both from the incomparable 20th Century Monads.

And as you can see below, we’re not talking violent disturbance or anything likt that:

Perhaps if we picked an East Coast US conference we could get a lot of people AND an APA grant to cover travel costs, t-shirts, etc.

A march “in solidarity with” Slutwalks.

We, the organizers of Stomp & Holler; Because We’ve Had Enough Northampton, have decided to march in solidarity with SlutWalk. We believe that the word ‘slut’ was chosen in direct response to the cop’s statement in Toronto, but this movement is about addressing a global issue. We, collectively, felt uncomfortable with the call to ‘reclaim’ the word ‘slut.’ It is our mission to stand up and speak out against sexual assault and victim blaming, but we don’t feel that reclaiming this derogatory word accomplishes what we want to accomplish. In addition, there have been multiple critiques of SlutWalk in the past few weeks (including, but not limited to, the letter from Black Women’s Blueprint.) These critiques state that SlutWalk has not made room for people of color and has been predominately gender-normative. We, Stomp & Holler; Because We’ve Had Enough, want to make sure that our mission of inclusivity is known. We cannot fight sexism without working against all other forms of oppression. We must make a call for solidarity. Our first step may be changing our name, but the fight does not end with this march.

We continue to stand in solidarity with SlutWalk, because the message of the movement is clear: No one is ever ‘asking for it.’ No one deserves to be raped.