Of course you can withdraw your money from your bank, but figure in some jail time…

Just what happened is in dispute, as you will see below the video clip.  It was all mixed in with OWS:

From the Gothamist:

 Twenty-four …  arrests came when demonstrators marched to the Citibank at 555 LaGuardia in a mass attempt to close their accounts (see video below). They were all charged with criminal trespass, while one was also charged with resisting arrest. Now, Citibank is laying the blame for the arrests on the NYPD’s shoulders: “no one was arrested for closing an account; we didn’t lock people in our branch—the police decided to close the branch; and we didn’t ask for anyone to be arrested—that is a police decision.”

Well, we philosophers know there are tricky questions about what was really intended, and maybe it just was the helpful NY Police who want to ensure the protestors got new international publicity.  Gosh, if so, thanks guys; you sure do know what makes a viral video.

And thanks to NC for the clip.

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