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  1. “What’s Faith Got to Do With It? Black Bodies/Christian Souls” by Kelly Brown Douglas.
    Still reading it myself for class, but the first half on Platonism is good. Obviously, it’s from a Christian perspective, but the amount of philosophy which plays into the religion Christians observe is pretty deep. I’m also not a philosophy major, but my professor who assigned the text is a womanist anthropologist.

  2. Not all of it is likely to be what’s sought, but there might be something of interest in Naomi Zack’s anthology _Women of Color and Philosophy_.

  3. I’ve always appreciated Patricia Hill Collins _Black Feminist Thought_ though it is from a while ago now. From a similar era: Patricia Williams _The Alchemy of Race and Rights_. Michele Moody Adams’ essays in _Fieldwork in Familiar Places_ touches on this somewhat. I would love to be directed towards more recent work.

  4. There is an anthology called Word of Fire that has a range of work by Black Women across historical periods. There is also A Voice From the South written by Anna Julia Cooper who actually had a philosophy degree. In addition there is the new anthology focusing on the intersection of continental philosophy and Black feminism called Convergences.

  5. I recommend belll hooks, especially _From Margin to Center_ ,_Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism_.

  6. I don’t want to stop contributions, but let me say for now: many thanks! Terrific recommendations.

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