Women to the back of the bus…

in NY. On the bright side, the city is threatening to shut down the line that does this.

Since 1973, the Private Transportation Corp has run public bus B110 as part of a franchise agreement with New York City’ s Department of Transportation. Now, the city is threatening to terminate the agreement and shut down the line because it has been discovered that the bus requires all females to sit in the back of the bus in accordance with Orthodox Jewish laws of gender separation.

Thanks, S!

11 thoughts on “Women to the back of the bus…

  1. Andreas:

    I agree.

    Couldn’t some woman’s group “occupy” the front section of the bus?

    Why do they have to wait for the authorities to solve the problem for them?

  2. It would also have been so much more original, to say the least, if they would have decided that ok, we all like the genders to be segregated, so let it be the men being so gracious as to go and sit in the back of the bus, so the women don’t have to suffer those swaying movements in the back?
    Just saying.

  3. Sometimes I wonder, if the bloggers on this blog don’t read it, why should we?

    (That’s a joke, really, though there are a rather large number of cases of one person repeating a post that another of the bloggers posted on just a bit before.)

  4. You have a really excellent nose for bloggable stuff, magicalersatz :D

    Psst Matt, this is only the second one in 4 years or so, not really that bad, is it?

  5. I’m pretty sure there have been more than 2! (At least, I remember more than that, though I won’t slog through the archives.)

  6. It’s the beauty of this blog that there are multiple contributors, since no one person could do it all and keep it all going. But it is a risk of having multiple full-time employed contributors doing this in their ‘spare’ time (heh) that we do not remember everything we read, or even have the opportunity to read everything posted.

    Of course, newspapers solve this by having a full-time, paid editor for each section! Wouldn’t that be lovely…

  7. Thank you for your kind words, Kate!
    I rather like it as it is though, and it’s very, very, very occasionally, we get a duplicate post.
    We have had 3764 posts since May 2007, and off hand I know of 2 duplicate ones (and I think that an issue revisited after an interval isn’t a duplicate post, it’s just a follow up). I think that’s pretty cool :D
    And while checking the stats…maybe nice to know that our average number of daily views went up from 1,864 last year to 3,162 this year, so far.
    We had a record last September 19, with 20.339 (twenty thousand three hundred and thirty nine) unique views on one single day.

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