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You can help OWS October 30, 2011

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It is cold outside!  Here’s how you can help.  You might just send some stuff from Amazon.com.

(H/T to BL)


Who’s the fairest of them all?

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In his amusing book Sum, neuroscientist David Eagleman imagines a female god who makes the afterlife unpleasant by introducing equality; no one is happy unless they can look down on others.

If that is true of us, the following chart should add a bit of brightness to almost all our non-US readers. (SW, I am sorry!). Tapping on the chart seems to make a larger version appear on a separate page.

For a recent discussion of the chart, see Charles Blow’s article in the NY Times.


On the importance of representation of homosexuality in games

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Or: Why Queer Visibility matters in Games.

This may not mean much to the average straight gamer, but to underrate the importance of the visibility of homosexuality in a video game would be disastrous.

Read the full article by Julie Horup here, the comments are interesting too.

Thanks Brenna Hillier!


Ways Men Stunt Women’s Careers

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A re-write of this.

Do go check it out— along with the obvious, I think there are some good critical thinking exercises one could draw out from it.

(Thanks, R!)


The Sunday Cats Love Pumpkins

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They really do.

(Thanks, Mr Jender!)



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