8 thoughts on “Ways Men Stunt Women’s Careers

  1. I read the headline twice and still thought it was about women with careers as stunt-persons in movies.

  2. hippocampa, I couldn’t figure that out either. One was critical, but not “not nice.”

    I vote we put them back up. Do you want to do it?

  3. Re moderated comments: as a person who sometimes has to un-screen moderated comments, I can tell you that the most plausible reason for why they are still hidden is simply that the only person who moderates did not get their hands on the task yet. Not everybody has the resources to react to the internet stuff in a matter of minutes…

  4. I thought it was spot on, particularly the rewriting of that woman waiting in the lobby in order to get a ride in the elevator with the CEO. Good grief, that is indeed something on might feel obliged to resort to, but it’s certainly not behaviour you would expect to be necessary in order to get fair treatment in a healthy organisation.
    Some people seems to assume that the situation as is is what everyone should adjust to, which is a bit of an odd assumption.
    Imagine how much more productive and profitable organisations would be if all energy was put into bettering the business rather than all this bragging and plotting and stalking of CEOs.

  5. The blog author appreciated the comments (critical and otherwise) but decided to disallow comments altogether for various reasons.

  6. I can well appreciate what the blog author has to weather, with her very tickling blog. Kudos.

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