Horrible follow-up on male scholar choosing life over work

I can’t find the post, but a while back we did one on a widely reported story of a male scholar of work-life balance who abandoned his tenured job for his girlfriend’s career, publicly noting that women make this kind of sacrifice all the time without anyone thinking it’s remarkable. As I recall the comments got rather heated. Well, there’s been an awful development:

Robert W. Drago, a prominent scholar of issues affecting women in the work force, was arrested Monday in Washington, D.C., the police said. He was charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and misdemeanor sexual abuse of a minor….
The charges relate to complaints that Mr. Drago’s then-girlfriend, Laurie A. Bonjo, and her 17-year-old daughter filed in late July with the Washington police following an alleged encounter that month between Mr. Drago and the girl. According to Ms. Bonjo—who said her daughter did not want to be named in an article—her daughter stayed overnight alone with Mr. Drago at his apartment in Washington during some travel between family members’ homes. While her daughter was at Mr. Drago’s apartment, said Ms. Bonjo, Mr. Drago put his arms around her daughter, kissed her on the lips, and attempted to fondle her breasts and buttocks.

He later acknowledged making the advances in text messages he sent to Ms. Bonjo’s cell phone, she said.

Last year The Chronicle wrote about Mr. Drago and Ms. Bonjo when he gave up his tenured professorship at Penn State so he could move to Washington to be closer to Ms. Bonjo, who is a graduate student in counseling education at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Va.

I thought this should be reported, but after the previous post I want to ask everyone to be very careful in comments here. Ms Bonjo and her daughter are going through a horrendous time.

Transgender reproduction rights in Sweden

A law from 1972 forces transgender people to be sterilised before certifying their sex change. Aleksa Lundberg, a Swedish actress, is a dramatic voice in the struggle opposing this law

[…] the Swedish legal requirement that people who want to officially change their sex with the government must be be sterilized first. The law also forbids the freezing of sperm or eggs before corrective surgery, which effectively means transgender Swedes are barred from having biological children.

How utterly appalling, and not something you would expect to happen in Sweden. The movement to oppose this law is gaining momentum, but there is opposition from the conservative Christian Democrats. According to their spokeswoman:

“Men don’t give birth to babies. A daddy can’t at the same time be a mummy. Just because you can, does that mean that you should?”


Read the full article here.

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