Sexual crimes? What’re you going do? Obvious addition

Not call Ghost Busters. Of course, you could try to discuss it with administrators of the related university. And here’s what can happen:

A former Penn State assistant football coach has been charged with sexual child abuse and two current university officials face charges of covering it up, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly said Saturday.

A grand jury brought down the indictment against Jerry Sandusky, 67, former defensive coordinator for the Penn State Nittany Lions. He had retired from coaching in 1999 and was founder of a charitable organization for young people.

Also named in the indictment are Penn State Athletic Director Timothy Curley, 57, and Gary Schultz, 62, who is the university’s senior vice president for finance and business.

“This is a case about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys,” Kelly said. “It is also a case about high-ranking university officials who allegedly failed to report the sexual assault of a young boy after the information was brought to their attention, and later made false statements to a grand jury that was investigating a series of assaults on young boys.”

Most of our readers are concerned, I’d bet, that there may be no path within a university to get redress for sexual assault, even if, unlike this case, you are a member of the university and use the proper means of reporting. Ditto for going to the police. You might get corrective action, but there’s a big risk that things will get worse, many expeeriences suggest.


I can’t think why I forgot to mention a blog with a number of relevant stories, such as this one.