CFP: Beauvoir Society

The University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway) and The University Of Science And Technology (Trondheim,Norway) are pleased to host

The Twentieth International Conference of the Simone de Beauvoir Society

Simone de Beauvoir: Philosophy, Literature and the Humanities

OSLO,NORWAY, JUNE 20 – 23, 2012

The 20th International Conference of the Simone de Beauvoir Society will take place at the University of Oslo, Norway, from June 20-23, 2012, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art & Ideas in cooperation with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

We welcome submissions on Beauvoir’s life and works from a broad range of perspectives, disciplines and locations, addressing the impact in her own time as well as her significance for the 21st century.

Also welcomed are perspectives, interpretations, analyses and discussions on how Beauvoir can shed light on the interaction between theory and practice, between academia and contemporary society. In particular, we encourage presentations exploring how Beauvoir’s works can contribute to recent discussions on the values and utilities of the humanities.

To submit your proposal, please send an abstract of no more than 800 words in English, French, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, and a short Curriculum Vitae including your contact details and institutional affiliation, if any, to both conference organizers: Associate Professor Annlaug Bjørsnøs, ( and Professor Tove Pettersen, UiO ( by April 1st, 2012.

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