Have some tea and a Sunday cat

Cat cafes are to be found especially in a large Japanese city where a landlord is likely to forbid pets. If you long for a furry creature, you can go to a cat cafe, where a cat might just come along and sit in your lap. Decorous japanese do not suddenly grab at a furry body. At approximately $9 an hour, the idea is to become engaged in a cat’s natural serenity.

Now, looking at some of the clips, one might worry that the cats were chemically induced to tolerate the stimuli they get. I am not at all sure that it true. One thing that may be going on is that the control a culture exerts on its human inhabitants might also extent to others, such as cats.

I don’t mean to dismiss a serious worry about drugged cats, but there is also a lot written about what the cats do when not rigorously watched. The beloved, familiar duplicitous cat comes back into view.