The future of Philosophy – Men, still?

“Today is World Philosophy Day, people. This is the day when we come together all over the globe (possibly) to honour our august and noble discipline, and are encouraged to entertain new and unfamiliar ideas.” [Hurray!]

“To celebrate, the Philosopher’s Eye is pleased to announce that we will be bringing you five cutting-edge opinion pieces written by highly distinguished philosophers.”

All these “highly distinguished philosophers” turn out to be male. Ugh, somehow that does not sound like a ‘new’ and ‘unfamiliar’ idea to me…..


7 thoughts on “The future of Philosophy – Men, still?

  1. Really, men whose attitude toward the results of their efforts is so passive should pass the job over to others.

  2. Dear Liam,

    thank you for responding. Please realise that we don’t think you or your journal are intentionally evil or deliberately discriminating against female philosophers; we all find ourselves that we can end up with line-ups for journals, seminars, etc that are less than ideal in all sorts of ways. But we are nevertheless concerned about the pattern of these in the professions, the results of those patterns, and the reasons they exist (and continue to exist). For more, please look here:

    For constructive suggestions:

    [ this applies to conferences, but helpful still I hope ]

    [cross posted from the philosophers’s eye website]

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