7 thoughts on “Toward the Dental Hygiene Paradigm of Racism

  1. Well, I can’t believe there was a link problem in a post by Jender! What are things coming to? :)

    I’m getting worried that we’re starting to conflate effective ways to deal with racist remarks with correct ways to describe the people who make racist remarks. “What a bigot you are!” is hardly a good opening for a constructive dialogue. However, reading in critical race theory recently has made me aware of how profoundly racist remarks can also reflect happy participation in an oppressive society that has also warped the remark-maker. So the idea that we misspeaking white people are really clean people who just need to work to keep our teeth clear seems to miss out on a lot of work that should be going on.

    Not to be judgmental or anything….

  2. @#3 – I agree in that, if someone is walking around with stuff in their teeth all the time, that leads to the question: How clean of a person are they really?

    I think that is compatible with what Jay Smooth is advocating, since he is focusing on the first part of how to start dialogues with people. Said dialogues might end by us rethinking how “hygenic” we really are.

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