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UC Davis Department of English webpage November 22, 2011

Filed under: academia — Monkey @ 4:44 pm

…calls for the Chancellor to resign! Apparently, it’s not been hacked – the Department of English really have called publicly for her resignation on their university webpage! Check it out here. This is in response to the events we reported here.


2 Responses to “UC Davis Department of English webpage”

  1. AnonGrad Says:

    It should say it hasn’t been hacked? How would that help, exactly? Because hackers would never add that disclaimer to a web page they’ve hacked? But ok, assuming it hasn’t been hacked, and this is pretty darn epic. It’s nice to see professors get behind something like this, if they have. (It’s also insanely unlikely that the campus police force will be disbanded. Yeah right.)

  2. Monkey Says:

    Ah – sorry. I didn’t mean ‘it really should say it hasn’t been hacked’. I meant ‘it really should say what it says – it hasn’t just been hacked’. (Writing posts quickly whilst ill = muddle.)

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