CFP: The Kristeva Circle

Inaugural Meeting, October 12-13, 2012,
Siena College, Loudonville, New York

Keynote Speakers:
Noëlle McAfee, Emory University
Maria Margaroni, University of Cyprus

Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University
Pleshette DeArmitt, University of Memphis
Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, University of Buffalo
Sara Beardsworth, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Elaine Miller, Miami University

Please submit abstracts (500-750 words) on any topic related to the work of Julia Kristeva, to We welcome submissions from across all disciplines. Abstracts should be suitable for blind review; include a separate document with name, paper title, affiliation, and contact information. The deadline for abstracts is March 15, 2012. The Kristeva Circle supports research on or influenced by philosopher, psychoanalyst and novelist Julia Kristeva. Our mission is to establish and advance Kristeva scholarship nationally and internationally. The Circle was established in 2011 by Fanny Söderbäck (Siena College) and Sarah Hansen (Rhodes College) with support from Kelly Oliver  (Vanderbilt University). For more information about The Kristeva Circle, please visit our website: