How to get more women professors: report from the the University of Tromsø

Curt Rice, the Pro Rector (Vice President) for Research & Development (prorektor for forskning og utvikling) at the University of Tromsø, explains how their efforts to get more women professors is paying off, yet more still needs to be done.

We have acknowledged that structural impediments are part of the reason that fewer women than men reach the rank of full professor. As a consequence, we work to reduce the impact of those impediments with women who are currently in the system, and we work to change the system so that the impediments will be eliminated for future generations.


It is possible to create a more fair system. Change can be achieved. With focus and commitment, universities can become better workplaces — workplaces with higher qualifications and with the conditions necessary to accomplish even more.

Good going.

Thanks, @christianmunthe