Reader query: Feminists and women on the emotions

I’m looking for suggestions for the best contemporary readings (books or preferably articles) on the topic of emotion by women or feminist philosophers. Any aspect of philosophical discussion of emotion–phil psychology, moral psychology, mind, language,etc.

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  1. Try materials written by Sarina Rodriguez Saturn at Oregon State University. She’s a neuropsychologist and works on the biology of the emotions.

  2. This is not on topic. Feel free to delete this comment for that reason.

    What is the fucking point of this blog if you aren’t even going to discuss the Ernst essay? Do you care that deleting it makes you look like a bunch of posing fakers? Nothing is ever going to happen unless names are named, unless someone points to an actual institution, and actual people and say ‘They are in the process of doing something wrong’. When someone actually does this, they get systematically silenced.

  3. Probably not news, but: Martha Nussbaum has written well on emotions. See especially *Upheavals of Thought*, *The Therapy of Desire*, and *Hiding From Humanity*.

  4. By far the most exciting work (in my opinion) being done by anyone, regardless of gender, is being done by Lisa Feldman Barrett, a psychologist currently at Northeastern:

    She is required reading for anyone seriously interested in recent developments in theory of emotion.

  5. I like how post #3 was ignored. Ho hum, I second Nussbaum’s work on the emotions. Great stuff!

  6. Annette Baier has some good work on (some of) the emotions in “Moral Prejudices.” I also like Gabrielle Taylor’s “Pride, Shame, and Guilt.”

  7. Margaret Olivia Little, “Seeing and Caring: The Role of Affect in Feminist Moral Epistemology,” Hypatia, Vol. 10, No. 3, Summer, 1995.

  8. Just out of curiosity (sorry to hi-jack this post) but what did happen to the Ernst discussion?

  9. In addition to Annette Baier and Martha Nussbaum, I can suggest: Chesire Calhoun, Patricia Greenspan, Jackie Taylor, Amelie Rorty, Gabrielle Taylor. In another paradigm, Laura Sizer comes to mind.

  10. I’m not really impartial on it, but to my mind Adrienne Martin’s work on love, hope and some other emotions is great and among the best stuff done recently, and certainly worth looking at.

  11. Although Chesire Calhoun has already been mentioned above, I must mention one specific article that she’s written, one of my favorites: “Emotional Work.”

  12. Susan James’ ‘Passion and Action: The Emotions in Early Modern Philosophy’ (Oxford University Press, 1997)

  13. Alison Jaggar’s article is great to teach, and Robert Solomon’s work on the emotions is also very helpful.

  14. Depending on what you’re looking for, Sianne Ngai’s Ugly Feelings is very interesting and causing a splash in literary-critical theory circles.

  15. I second Ahmed and Ngai. There’s a huge literature in affect studies, especially queer affect studies, though almost none of it is in philosophy (Lauren Berlant, Wendy Brown, Ann Cvetkovich, Lee Edelman, Avery Gordon, Judith (Jack) Halberstam, Saidiya Hartman, Heather Love, Jose Esteban Munoz, Gayle Rubin, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Kathleen Stewart, and then research groupings like the Feel Tank in Chicago and the Public Feelings group in Texas).

    I love Sue Campbell’s work on emotion, which I think is hugely useful. The most cited article from her is “Being Dismissed: The Politics of Emotional Expression” (Hypatia vol 9 issue 3) – but there’s lots of material in her book Interpreting the Personal: Expression and the Formation of Feelings that could be extracted for teaching purposes.

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