UK Government finally lose the plot

The Department of Work and Pensions is proposing to make cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy prove they are too sick to work. This is despite recommendations from cancer experts and thirty cancer charities that those who have to leave work to go through debilitating cancer treatment should automatically be entitled to Employment and Support Allowance. Some cancer patients may have to attend back to work interviews, whilst undergoing cancer treatment. You can read more from Macmillan here. There is also a link to the petition if anyone feels like signing.

2 thoughts on “UK Government finally lose the plot

  1. In fact, people on oral chemo were already subject to assessment – the change will be that now everyone, including those on IV chemo, have to face assessment. And then most cancer patients, anyone with any savings or a working partner, will have their benefit limited to one year. If they don’t shape up and get better by then, they will be entirely dependent on savings or other people.

    There’s a Petition to Slow Down the Welfare Reform Bill which is being rushed through parliament. Lisa Egan wrote a powerful post about how these reforms are putting our lives in danger, even those of us who don’t have life-threatening physical illness or suicidal depression.

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